About us

page_squarePinetto Mantelli was born in Valenza in 1938. Upon finishing his studies in design and goldsmith arts, he began working as an apprentice under the prestigious guidance of the most famous and skilled goldsmiths in Valenza. In 1960 he opened his own workshop. There followed a period of intense and lucrative collaboration with other firms in Valenza. This, in turn, led to the founding of a new and modern enterprise, New Italian Art, in partnership with some of these companies. Their intention was to target foreign markets. The success of New Italian Art coincided with the great opening of international markets in the 1970’s and 80’s. “NIA” became an established brand throughout the world and the firm was recognized as one of the foremost in Italy for its originality and quality of production. In 2002, Pinetto Mantelli’s son, Massimo, joined his father. In the spirit of on-going renewal and of pre-eminence in both ideas and “Italian Style”, the brand M Mantelli was created and marketed within New Italian Art in 2006. By taking advantage of the goldsmithing traditions of Valenza, new designs, new materials and a youthful style were united into a modern concept of jewellery in order to satisfy the demands and tastes of the “trendy” market, one in continuous transformation.